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Chukwudi “Chuck” Anakwenze is a Nigerian-American director, born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  He is known for his documentary film work all over the world, including Africa, North America, and China, with clients like Microsoft, Adidas, Too $hort, Aja Brown (Mayor of Compton), and the Salvation Army.


Chuck came to filmmaking through poetry and creative writing and was inspired to take a filmmaking course in college.  Having caught the storytelling bug, Chuck took on various internships and PA gigs, for companies like Pretty Bird and Ryan Murphy Television.  Through these positions, Chuck learned from industry titans how to run a set, coordinate different departments, and the value of teamwork, emerging as a recognized director who both captures and creates unique stories in any medium.


Chuck’s work has focused on education, Pan-Africanism, and positively rebranding Africa. His films have won awards at the 2016 Virginia film festival and the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Festival. Chuck’s most recent project, which he produced and directed for Microsoft, is being played continuously in New York City’s Time Square.


Chuck’s ultimate goal is to create iconic visual art that promotes the unification of the African diaspora.

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